Shirley A 0.5 - 3.5 Leamington A

23 November 2015

The A team's best result for a while gives us a surprising win, our third of the season.

  • Long, Matthew (170) 0 - 1 Blake, J Morgan (170)
  • Webster, Paul (171) 0 - 1 Darling, Tom (154)
  • Ingram, Keith (170) 0.5 - 0.5 Collins, Andy (162)
  • Thomas, David R (164) 0 - 1 Egid, Ben (153)
  • It was a dramatic start for our newest member, Morgan appearing to be headed for a defeat as his opponent's queen sliced through an open kingside to harass the white king. However, he found a bishop sacrifice which led to wild complications and, after Black had missed several chances to emerge a rook up, Morgan came out the exchange ahead and soon forced a resignation.

    The other games were less dramatic: Andy's game was balanced throughout, ending in an opposite coloured bishop endgame; Ben kept the pressure on his opponent, who blundered in time pressure; I gave up a pawn for an attack which was difficult to stop (see below).