Leamington 3.5 - 0.5 Maidstone

14 July 2013

For the first time, Leamington have claimed an ECF National title after winning the Intermediate competition in London. The Final against Maidstone was a lot closer than the scoreline might make it appear.

  • Burnell, Steve (159) 1 - 0 Lane, Robert (159)
  • Graff, Ben (146) 0.5 - 0.5 Hollands, George (146)
  • Darling, Tom (144) 1 - 0 Riddoch, Alan (139)
  • Collins, Andy (128) 1 - 0 Smith, Douglas (115)
  • Two of the games finished fairly quickly; Ben saw off a Catalan to get a draw with Black, while Andy (after declining a draw offer on move two!), came through tactical complications in the Marshall Attack to prevail in the middlegame.

    This left Leamington needing just 1 more point, but both games were finely balanced, with two defeats still a realistic possibility. Eventually, Steve broke through with an unstoppable passed pawn, and the match was secured. Tom, who had been forced to sacrifice the exchange earlier, was able to win with the pressure of.

    This is the decisive win from Steve.