Leamington A 2 - 2 Kenilworth B

1 November 2016

Leamington picked up a useful win in our quest to extend our top flite stay be another season.

  • Blake, J Morgan (173) 1 - 0 Rowan, Paul (169)
  • Darling, Tom (167) 0.5 - 0.5 Evans, Chris (167)
  • Collins, Andy (162) 0 - 1 Rowan, Daniel (160)
  • Leggett, Peter AW (96) 0.5 - 0.5 Manley, Nathan J (155)
  • Andy got us off to a quick start, with a little help from his opponent, who blundered a rook and then resigned instantly. Peter, who was playing up in division 1 for the first time, started his game well, but allowed a passed pawn too much progress into his defenses. He had to resign after sustaining serious material losses.

    The top two boards looked less than promising for us in the early stages, but Morgan managed to win two pawns for the exchange, giving him a slight edge. The game eventually came down to an opposite-coloured bishops ending; these tend to be draws, but Morgan was able to force the sacrifice of his opponent's bishop and round the remaining pawns up.

    As for myself, I was in a dreadful mess early on, but capitalised on a couple of mistakes by my opponent to win. That game is given below.