Leamington B 1 - 3 Leamington A

6 January 2015

With several players unavailable, the rematch with the had different line-ups, but a similar result, as close games went the way of the A team.

  • Egid, Ben (150) 0.5 - 0.5 Price, Andrew (155)
  • Howarth, Tom (126) 0 - 1 Darling, Tom (151)
  • Hodgkins, David W (130) 0.5 - 0.5 Collins, Andy (145)
  • Lorch, Richard (106) 0 - 1 Olaleye, Oladejo (143)
  • Ola and Richard's game didn't lack for drama, as Ola picked up the exchange then gave it back. A sudden checkmating attack brought about a sudden end.

    The match on top board was less explosive, but a high quality encounter were a draw always looked a likely result.

    I turned down a draw in a closed position, as the match situation was still unclear. I then played some rather risky moves to open things up, which ultimately payed off thanks to the weak position of Tom's king, a Knight sacrifice leading to a forced mate.

    That secured the match, but the remaining game went to the wire, as David managed to push a pawn to the seventh rank in a rook endgame. It was a tough position to defend, but Andy held the fort for long enough that David offered a draw with both players short of time.

    A good effort by all concerned, and hopefully the last internal match for a while. The A team have restored our three point lead at the top.