Leamington A 3.5 - 0.5 Shirley C

14 April 2015

We started our final game of the season with a couple of new faces among our ranks.

  • Price, Andrew (157) 0.5 - 0.5 Ball, Roger (117)
  • Darling, Tom (154) 1 - 0 Gilbert, Kim T (110)
  • Lohani, Sumiran (ug) 1 - 0 Knee, Barry (103)
  • Boraciu, Bogdan (ug) 1 - 0 Simpson, Richard (87)
  • Bogdan was playing in his first graded match, and looked in trouble as he went two pawns down. However, he out-manouevered his opponent in a queen and rook endgame, picking up the black queen with a fork.

    Andy may have been disappointed with the draw, given the grading gap, but it isn't always easy to push for a win with black. The position was dead level when the players shook hands.

    I clinched the match win while avenging a defeat to Kim back at the start of the season. It was quite an interesting game, given below.

    Sumiran's game took longer to finish, but he steadily gained material throughout, and brought our season to an end with a neat checkmate.

    The final match stats: 11 wins, 2 draws, 1 defeat. The final game stats: 30 wins, 20 draws, 6 defeats. Now we just need to replicate that up in division 1!